Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flyball tournaments

We've been to two tournaments since our last post.  Most of the dogs ran with our friends from S.W.A.T for both U-fli and NAFA.

In October, we all went to Kentucky to compete in a U-fli tournament hosted by Reeking Havoc.  It was a small tournament and we all had a lot of fun and got some good experience.  Some of the new dogs got a few titles.  Two dogs, Spirit the Toller and Sam the Wire Fox Terrier took top of their breed in U-Fli from points at this tournament.

In November, we traveled to Davisburg, MI and competed in a NAFA tournament.  Several of us ran again with S.W.A.T and Spirit the Toller ran with Fur in a Blur. We had good learning experiences and got a few more points toward everyone's next titles.

With a few weeks off until the next tournament, we can all practice our box turns, speeds, and passes until January.  There's a rumor that Fur in a Blur willl put on a NAFA tournament in Ohio!  WOOT.